Frederick Abrams

The Underground Cathedral


ART – From Ancient Techniques to High Technology

“[The Underground Cathedral] starts from the premise that all systems in this world
are interrelated and interdependent.”

Marga Bijvoet, art historian

Early Stained Glass Artworks

“Les routes de la grande odalisque (The Large Brain)” 1980 – 83

“The Routes of the Grand Illusion (Shooting Star Triptik)” 1986

„Frederick Abrams was digitising transport diagrams around the same time as the London Underground Diagram
was first being digitised in the late 1980s and was arguably the first artist concerned with transport
diagrams to take advantage of the conducive atmosphere provided by the digital moment.”

Samuel Merrill, organizer of a conference to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground held in January, 2013

Computer Assist Design Ink on Mylar Drawings 1989

“Frederick Abrams draws for us a vision of a new civilization…. [He] proposes a new artistic value that contains common elements of different nations’ cultures. Collected into visual and audible fireworks,
here is what differs and binds humankind into a community in the chaos of the world…”

Barbara Kozlowska, Polish conceptual artist, 2000

New Work 2012 – 13