Frederick Abrams

The Underground Cathedral


This is the trailer of a new 2020 remake of one hour film that is a hybrid of art film and musical journey through underground subway/metro systems from Los Angeles to New York, from London to Moscow. Some of it occurred during historical moments, including the nonviolent revolution in Poland in 1989 and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The original version of the film won grand prize at the Cleremont-Ferrand Videoformes festival in 1999 and and a segment of the film, About to Depart, won awards in several video festivals in Italy, Spain and France during the mid 1990s. The new version contains scenes from a vintage steam engine train that traveled for one week in the underground of the London Tube, during a 2013 commemoration of the 150th anniversary of what is the oldest and largest subway system in the world. Frederick Abrams was invited to speak at a conference held then for this occasion.

The film is described in detail in the interview section of this site.