Frederick Abrams

The Underground Cathedral


For the first time Frederick Abrams presents his documentary
film of the creation of his permanent stained glass
and mixed media installation in Barcelona, Spain for the
Badalona International Business Center.

Click here to see the film, “A Fateful Time”

Going underground…….

In January of 2013 Frederick Abrams was invited to
make a presentation of “The Underground Cathedral”
at the London “Going Underground” conference, which
commemorated the 150th anniversary of the London
Underground (Tube), the oldest and largest
underground transportation system in the world.

An eleven minute hypnotic documentary film he
made for the conference of his metro map art can
be seen here:

2013 London Going Underground Conference Film Presentation

The organizer of the conference, Samuel Merrill, has
written an article documenting The Underground
Cathedral for the book, “Going Underground: New
Perspectives,” which was released in November of 2013.

The article is here:

“The Underground Cathedral: journeys of artistic discovery
in the Undergrounds of the world”