Frederick Abrams

The Underground Cathedral



In the open spirit of California perhaps my primary source of early musical inspiration was a radio station located on a college campus in Santa Monica, KCRW FM. When my teenage pals were out dating and partying on Friday nights, I was a nerd music freak sitting at home tape recording great stuff off of a weekly evening show called, “Eclectic.”

Decades later this show continues in a city which has grown increasingly multi-ethnic. Yet, while one may listen on the radio to the widest possible variety of musical styles and influences, the music of the street itself is barely noticeable in a city
which relies on the automobile for daily mobility.

Contrarily, in the undergrounds of major urban centers from New York to London and Paris, for better or worse one is confrontated daily with buskers playing every conceivable form of music and musical instrument.

This ambiance of eclecticism became not only the basis of the musical soundtrack of the film, but an experimental concept in live performance. Perhaps it is ironic that Poland became my experimental playground for I discovered polar forces at play between an open spirit to devour new ideas and influences from the West whereas there is also much resistance in a society which remains based in conservative traditional values and outside of Warsaw is almost exclusively homogenous.

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