Frederick Abrams

The Underground Cathedral

Greve (Strike)

The title scene of Greve is an animated still image, this one of a group of
African drummers inside of the Paris Metro, who are heard playing as one
man is singing, another dancing before a large crowd of onlookers. Behind
them at one instant is a lush tropical environment found inside of a new ultra modern line of the Paris underground. This leads into a rather eerie journey through a series of artifacts and iconography of the underground urban jungle, from New York to Paris to Milan.

There is one scene which would likely be understood by few people outside of those who lived in New York during the 80s, when loud, blaring TV commercials of an obnoxious middle aged suited man selling stereos and TVs bombarded the senses. Known as “Crazy Eddie,” he was actually an actor stand-in for the owner of several stores by the same name. This, the “real” Crazy Eddie, was also an embezzler. Inside of the New York Subway a young woman wearing a baseball uniform is seen reading a newspaper with the headline: “Crazy
Eddie Busted in Israel.”

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